Solving child poverty is everyone's business



Invest in Tomorrow is an initiative undertaken by Maine organizations, businesses, and individuals to cut Maine's child poverty rate in half over the next ten years as a step toward eradicating child poverty in a generation. 

We are supporting a sustained commitment to ending child poverty in Maine. 



Maine's child poverty problem and the challenges it poses to our families, communities, and institutions impact all of us.
Based on data and input from stakeholders, community members and families struggling to make ends meet, stakeholders have identified key areas that we need to address to increase economic security and opportunity in Maine.  Read our Report and 2019 policy priorities to learn more.



How is Maine doing when it comes to economic security and opportunity for children and families? We are tracking how families are faring, and the progress we make to improve the economic well-being of families. We aim to be accountable to the data and move Maine in the right direction on indicators related to basic needs and employment opportunity.  Each year, we will publish an update to the data dashboard. 


The 2019 dashboard is now available.




The Invest in Tomorrow initiative has set a long-term goal of cutting child poverty in half over the next ten years. As a first step, in 2019, we passed the Invest in Tomorrow bill package, which included the LIFT and STEP bills. Because of our work, an estimated 3,000 children will be lifted out of poverty each year and the family incomes of thousands more will see an increase once the bills are fully implemented. (For a more details on the impact of LIFT and STEP, please download our analysis.) We’re looking forward to building on this work in 2020!
The Invest in Tomorrow steering committee has identified the following priorities for 2020, which will help us work towards Invest in Tomorrow’s goal of increasing economic opportunity for Mainers and ending child poverty in the state:

  • Work to create and support pathways to economic opportunity and gainful employment through streamlining, simplifying, and improving the delivery of state supports and services for families living in poverty, with a particular focus on making improvements at the Department of Labor and the Department of Health and Human Services and enhancing the coordination between the two state agencies.

  • Work to ensure parents and caregivers have increased access to quality, affordable childcare and early learning so they can sustain employment while providing their children with the support and learning necessary for healthy development. This will include supporting work to move forward early learning and care models that are community-based and address the needs of children, families, and educators in a holistic manner. The steering committee is looking at different bills that work toward this goal and we will be in touch as we coalesce around the best legislative path forward on this in 2020.

We hope you'll join us!

NEW: We’ve updated our Invest in Tomorrow one-pager! Please download it to learn more about the Invest in Tomorrow initiative.

NEW: Read all about the Invest in Tomorrow LIFT and STEP bills. For a more details on the impact of LIFT and STEP, please download our analysis.

Read more about the strategies to solve child poverty.


Project lead: Ann Danforth

Policy Advocate

Maine Equal Justice

126 Sewall Street, Augusta, ME

(207) 626-7058


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